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Candidate Information

Phases of Competition
Private Interview
35% of total score
Each contestant will participate in a 10 minute private interview with the panel of five judges. Topics include contestant's platform topics, current events and general topics.
On-Stage Interview & Social Impact Initiative Pitch
15% of total score
Two on-stage questions will be given. The first question will be a light question followed by a question from either the interview or her platform.
35% of total score
Each contestant receives 90 seconds to perform the talent of her choice.
Red Carpet Evening Wear
15% of total score
Evening wear should express a sense of style and appropriateness for young women ages 17 to 25. The Evening Wear phase of competition is designed for the judge to assess the candidate’s beauty, poise, grace, and commanding stage presence. The candidate’s total look is considered. Her evening wear (not the value of the evening wear) should complement the candidate’s individuality. It is permissible to wear cocktail dresses, evening pant suits, or long gowns.


All contestants must have their Application, Resume, and MAO Registration complete in order to compete.  

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